I am hooked on crochet, crafts in general, life and the crazy technologies. Awesome and chaotic at the same time, I guess that’s why I love crocheting and making things with my hands, it makes me feel so relaxed and organized. I need that, as an Account and Project Manager I need to be organized, you can tell.

My aunt Paqui has been crocheting for many years, I even don’t know when she started and how… all that I know from my memories when I was a kid is that she used to sit in her armchair with her hook and some fine thread, yes she has been always crocheting that small, amazing! She even could manage to crochet a huge cover for a double bed!! Awesome! So I just wanted to know how to make those little “sticks” she could do very skilfully. And she taught me what was a half stick and a full one (single and double crochet).

Of course I forgot it, but over the pass of the years I wanted to try it again, a friend reintroduced me to it and I was there crocheting little cloth tables… with thread! Yes, also begun a never-finished bag for the bread made of granny squares, very pretty… but I forgot to check the most important details about the pattern and the result was too small for my bag, so there is still my big unfinished project. O_o

And after crocheting a good few years now I can say that still I have a lot to learn, which is really exciting, I discover new shapes, yarns, ideas constantly… that make me feel so hooked and so glad to share it with you!