Crocheted bread bag pattern (II)

Some time ago I started crocheting a bag for bread, step by step I am making it. Here you have some images and the pattern to crochet the square just in case you want to crochet it. The bag will be lovely, but it takes some effort and time to finish it. The bag is made with small and big squares (see the pattern), you have to crochet all of them and then join them and then crochet the lace.

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I used a 1,40mm hook, you can also use a bigger (1,50) or smaller size (this one will make it more compact). I used yarn number 8, colors beige, pink and green shades, the result of this type of thread are different flowers and squares. It is quite important to use the same crochet hook for all the pieces, otherwise will not fit well one to other.


This is the graphic for the square, to crochet the small square you only have to do the 4 first rows. To make the big square use all of them. To crochet one side of the bag you will need to crochet 24 small squares and 12 big ones.

Grafico bolsa pan2

Crochet all the squares one to other, rather than sew them. The result would be nicer.

20091212 Bolsa pan1 DSC_0330

See the detail:

20091212 Bolsa pan3 DSC_0364

That will look the bag (diagram):

20091212 Bolsa pan DSC_0339_sm

20091212 Bolsa pan2 DSC_0348

Please leave any comment or suggestion that might help to do it better.

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  1. Me ha gustado,muchisimo intentare hacerla

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