Felt Mary Janes

I love Mary Janes’ slippers, specially for babies, but also for myself. I have seen different patterns, some with wool, some with acrylic, cotton or felt, but I want to show you here the one I did using wool and felt, how? using the colourful wool that turns into felt after washing it at 40º in the machine.

This pattern is much bigger than the final size, about 30 cm. lenght, because it decreases around 20-30% after washing it.

So the first thing to do is calculate which lenght we’ll need to have the desired final size. My slippers are a 38 european size (about uk 5), so I have crocheted a 30 cm. lenght and 9 cm. wide because the final size needs to be around 23 cm.

Another important tip is to give the appropiate shape after washing it, otherwise you will get an slipper-ball-shape.

Once they are dry it’s recommendable to put a non-slip sticker on the soles.

3 thoughts on “Felt Mary Janes

  1. nice I want this, the fiushas are very very nice;
    you would be a big favor if you sell that.
    Congratulations!!! ☺☻

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