My Etsy Treasury: A Dot

Since I met Etsy has been a while now; at the begining I though would be very difficult to join and start a shop, but at the end of last year I decided to become a member of the community and give it a try. I realized that all is about learning, there are many different ways of promote the products, different shops, marketing tools, even books of marketing about Etsy and also a lot of people in the community.

Yesterday I read that there are more than 4 million members and more than 100 employees, at least for me are high figures. I am starting to understand how can a portal manage all this information, virtual labs, recommendations, newsletter, how-to, etc.

One of the ways of sharing products with the rest of the community is the Treasury, that is a list of handpicked products from others sellers, these products that you would like to have and show to the others, but without having them ­čÖé You take care of the art and artists!

It is no easy to get a Treasury, because there must be a special conditions like less than 333 lists, but I have been trying a few times and tonight, finally I’ve got it! So, here is my treasury: A DOT, from my special and beautiful place, TARIFA, my inspiration…

I enjoyed getting it ready, I hope you like it also!

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