Newborn crocheted booties

I usually crochet using thread, but this time I thought would be nicer to use baby wool yarn to crochet a couple of warm booties for a newborn.

The pattern I have used is very easy to follow, I have changed a round of openwork stiches for just a few stiches where to fit the ribbon. The bootie is made of 3 pieces, first the sole and part of the bootie, then the instep and finally the bootie leg.

The firts round should have 32 stiches as much, I used a hook of the number 2, this way the stiches are more tight. One variation of the pattern can be crochet more rounds in the bootie leg using a different color.

2 thoughts on “Newborn crocheted booties

  1. estan tan lindas los patucos blancos que quisiera tejerlos.
    podria darme el patron o plantilla para guiarme?

  2. Hola Loly,

    Lo siento, pero no tengo el patrón digitalizado. Si estás muy interesada en los patucos puedes comprarlos en mi tienda en Etsy.



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