Patrón de cinta del pelo con flor para bebé

Actualización: ¡Este patrón ya está disponible en castellano de forma gratuita!

Podéis encontrar el patrón en formato pdf en

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Espero que hagáis cintas preciosas y las compartáis con el resto aquí o en mi nueva página en Facebook.

This pattern has been designed following the crochet guidelines from the Craft Yarn Council: Creative Commons Licence Baby Flower Headband by Bezencilla is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You can use this pattern to make all the Baby Flower Headbands that you like as long as you give me credit in your publication. It is not allowed to resell this pattern in part or in full. Update: Some examples of the elastic band or ribbon attached to the headband.

23 thoughts on “Patrón de cinta del pelo con flor para bebé

  1. i am confused as to where the elastic ribbon comes into play? are you supposed to use this when you are actually crocheting the band ( for the head) or do you sew the elastic ribbon onto the inside of the actual band ( that goes around the head?)
    thanks for your help

  2. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your comment.
    The elastic band needs to be attached to both ends to make the headband larger and stretchy, it will give you a few more centimetres to play with while the baby is growin up, also you could just use some satin and make a ribbon, but if you don’t give it some margin you won’t be able to use it for long.
    I hope this helps.

  3. Hi,

    How do you attach the elastic? Do you sew it on the ends? If so, How do you keep the stitches hidden?


  4. can you please do a youtube video.. i am getting it wrong sorry but love it .. i have got a 2 month baby girl wanna make it for her..

  5. hey I am confused how to place in the elastic band?
    and I was looking for such an hairband for ages..:D Thankyou

  6. Hi Susan, sure I’ll record a video for you to understand it. It might take me a few days, though.

  7. Hi Sarah, I’m glad that you like it. The elastic band should be sewn on the wrong side of headband. I’ll cover it that in my next video about this project.

  8. Please in Spanish!!! My English isn’t very good…. thanks!

  9. Hi! Beautiful pattern but I prefer not to use wiseconvert to download. Do you have an adobe link to the pattern? Thanks!

  10. Is it possible to get this pattern in English?

  11. Estan muy bellas esas cintas para bebes.

  12. Madr my first head band and it was easy and I am a beginner crocheter.

  13. Made my first one and I had fun, I am a beginner at crochet.

  14. Hi!

    I finished the band, but i’m not sure how to use the strap to fasten the headband together! What do you do with it?

  15. Hi, I’m glad that you finish the headband. Please read the comments, I explained how to attach the elastic band to it.

    Hope this helps

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