Shiny hair barrettes (free pattern)

I frequently use hair barrettes to tie my hair up, they are very comfortable and a nice accessory for my daily outfit.



This is a part of my hair barrettes and clips collection, I have crocheted them using the shiny yarns Gatsby and Bolero from Katia, a 3 mm. crochet hook, and a french barrette.


This could be a perfect Christmas present, easy, original and cheap to make.

French barrette / hair clip


The pattern is very easy; it is based in double crochet stitches and shells. Ch 22.

Row 1. DC in 3rd ch from hook, DC across. Total 21 sts.

Row 2. Ch 2, DC across. Total 21 sts.

Row 3. Ch 1, *skip next stitch, 4 DC shell in next stitch, skip next one, sc* repeat instructions between * 4 times more.

Update: Leave a tail of about 30 cm to attach the fabric to the hair barrette.

To make a crown with a tip higher in the middle crochet a shell of 6 instead of 4, two treble crochet in the middle with a piquet (chain 3) in first one.

You can use this pattern to make all the hair barrettes that you like as long as you give me credit in your publication.
Creative Commons Licence
Hair barrettes crochet pattern by Bezencilla is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
It is not allowed to resell this pattern in part or in full.
Crochet and enjoy!


You can also buy them here, please let me know which colour would you like:


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15 thoughts on “Shiny hair barrettes (free pattern)

  1. Am I missing something in the directions? Are these made over purchased barrettes or how do they fasten in the hair?

  2. Hi Sherry,

    Yes the fabric is attached to a french barrette, you can see the list of materials I have used to crochet them beside the picture containing 6 yarn balls.

  3. How do you attach the completed yarn pattern to the barrette?

  4. Do you first make it then glue it to the top of the barrette or do you work it on the barrette right from the start? Thanks for the pattern. I can’t wait to make some.

  5. Hi and thanks for your comments,

    I normally sew the fabric to the barrette by leaving a tail of about 30 cm of the same working yarn. That way I make sure there won’t be any other thread in the piece and also it will be weaved all together.

    Sometimes I use a piece of felt and glue them together, but also sew the piece to the barrette.

    I would love to see your hair clips when they are ready! Post a link in the comments please

  6. I would like to get a crochet pattern for the lip barrette that you have on line. I can only get the crown barrette pattern. Hope you can help me please. Thank YOU

  7. Hi Josie,

    Thanks for your comment. The lip barrette is not published yet, but I think it won’t take very long. Keep tuned!

  8. Can you show a picture of a French barrette. I don’t know what that is.

  9. when will the lips barrette be avaylable

  10. i am a lady of 73 and would like to make one for my granddaughter who has a brain tumor and is going thru proselytizers.


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