Crocheted bag for bread

It has been some time since I started crocheting this bag for bread, one of those made by grannies with granny squares 🙂

After crocheted all this squares the hard work it has to be done, attaching one to another, small and big pieces. But it will worth it to get the bag done.

Updated on Febreruary 2012.

I love them, they are amazing, at least the one I wanted to make…. but there are always problems or missunderstandings in the first projects, so I forgot to check an important detail, the size of the yarn or thread. Yes I used thread instead of yarn, so the hook was also smaller than should be and the final size of the bag was half of the original??

Tip for beginners: Remember to check ALWAYS the recommended yarn and hooks in the pattern or instructions.

bolsa ganchillo 2

2 thoughts on “Crocheted bag for bread

  1. Me gustan mucho tus trabajos y te felicito por ellos, son impresionantes.
    A mi tambien me gusta el ganchillo entre otras cosas.
    tijeras y cuchara

  2. Muchas gracias Josefina y también enhorabuena a ti por tu blog y tus trabajos. Muy buenas ideas.

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